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-The history of the producers-
The history of the collective organisation of livestock farmers in the area goes back to 1959 when they decided to join forces and produce cheese products themselves, using their own milk. This is how the Dairy Cooperative of Mandamados came to be, starting out as a small cheese dairy in the village, only to expand later to the existing building opposite the Monastery of Pammegiston Taxiarchon (Archangels).

The next step was taken in 2018 with the establishment and recognition of the Organisation of Producers in the area of sheep and goat milk, by 28 professional livestock farmers. Every year, the organisation of producers collects more than 550 tons of sheep and goat milk from the local sheep breed of Mytilene, which feeds mainly on rich Lesvos flora.

The organisation of producers continues to invest in the modernisation of its activities and in the promotion of innovation based on the principle of producing the famous cheese products of Lesvos at the privately-owned cheese dairy.


-Featured products-


- Producers organisation -
The Organisation
The Organisation of Producers of Sheep and Goat Milk of the Agricultural Cooperative of Mandamados, Lesvos, is made up of 28 livestock farmers, who are all members of the cooperative and have …
Operational programme
The Organisation of Producers has implemented a five-year business plan for the 2018-2023 period, which sets specific goals and describes the means for achieving them so as to ensure …
Cheese dairy
The cheese dairy is the production plant of the producer organisation, where the milk delivered every day by its members is converted into a range of cheese products…



Traditional Greek hard cheese with Protected Designation of Origin, which is produced exclusively on Mytilene from sheep milk or its mixture with goat milk. It has a unique cylindrical shape and weighs approximately 1 kilogram. It is left to age for at least three months in cellars and cool chambers.

It is also known as ‘kefalaki’ (meaning ‘small head’ in Greek). In the past, people preserved the cheese in olive oil, which is why it is called ‘ladotyri’ (meaning ‘oil cheese’ in Greek).

High quality exceptional cheese and butter.👍
Efthymia Stamati Local guide · 73 reviews · 49 photos
When quality meets special flavors then excellent products emerge ... Trust them without a second thought!!
Exceptional dairy products, made with care from fresh goat's milk farmers whose flocks freely graze in the meadows of Lesvos.
Christos Karatzas


-Available only in Greek-

(Ελληνικά) Δράσεις της ΟΠ Γάλακτος του ΑΣ Μανταμάδου

Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.
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Προϊόντα αγνά, που διαφημίζουν τη Λέσβο

Οι πρώτες αχτίδες του πρωινού ήλιου έπεφταν πάνω στον επιβλητικό τρούλο του Αγίου Θεράποντα. Ενός εντυπωσιακού ναού, βυζαντινού ρυθμού...
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